Stitch Fix #2: Is This Thing On?

I got my first box from Stitch Fix, an online styling service, about three weeks ago. I painstakingly documented how each piece looked and posted pictures and my reactions here, partly to show my Mom and friends what I got, but mostly so that “my” stylist would see what I looked like in the pieces she picked so she could better understand my written feedback. My second box arrived last week and…not so much.

I’ll start with the good: four of the five pieces in box 2 were tops to go with the leggings I kept from box 1, as I requested.

It’s all down hill after that.

The wind chill was 14 degrees the evening I opened box #2. So imagine my surprise to find this:

Item #1: Loveappella Dooly Knit Tank


I don’t know what about my “I will not wear sleeveless” feedback on the first box led Stitch Fix to think, “I’ll send her a paper-thin tank top.” I hate this top. I don’t like showing my whole arm. I hate tank tops…no one needs to see my arm pits. The colors are drab and wash me out. The fabric is the flimsiest I’ve ever felt. It is FEBRUARY. I’m cold just looking at this picture. I don’t even think this top goes well with the leggings I kept from box 1 (what I’m wearing in the picture). Also, this is 48 dollars. Unbelievable.

Item #2: Daniel Rainn Newport Tie Neck Blouse


The Pioneer Woman called and she wants her flouncy country blouse back. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with these goofy-ass tassel ties? Lasso cattle? Hell no to this top.


Item #3: Renee C Landry Abstract Dot Print Blouse


This blouse is OK, but I don’t really like it that much. The wrap part doesn’t stay and my right boob keeps falling out. The pattern is really busy and I don’t like the brown. My mother and my husband both like it (I think Dave only likes it for the potential of wardrobe malfunction). Since they like it, it’s the least expensive thing in this box ($28), and I hate the idea of “losing” the $20 styling fee, I’ll probably keep this and never wear it. Joy.

Items #4 and #5: Papermoon Cresson Knit Top and Liverpool Shania Stitched Detail Jean


I think the top is kind of cute in theory, but not on me (again with the horizontal stripes!). Also, “Papermoon” could just as easily be called “paper-thin,” seriously I have no idea how Stitch Fix finds such flimsy tops. This top almost looks like a sweater, but it’s gossamer-thin and made of holes. That glare in the picture is my nude bra, because this top is see through.

This isn’t a great shot of the pants…if they look the same as the black leggings I was wearing in all the other photos, that’s because my fifth item was the same pant in denim. The leggings are the “Madonna leggings.” These jeans are the “Shania jean.” I wonder if my next box will include this same cut of pants in “Lady Gaga meat.” The denim is less forgiving than the leggings. They were a little hard to button. The leggings were a big departure for me, and I mostly bought them so I wouldn’t lose the styling fee. I still haven’t worn them (as evidenced by the tag still hanging off them). So I think one pair of skinny cut pants is enough for me. I tried on this top with my own jeans to see if I’d like it better (see below) and I didn’t.

I had no expectations going into the first box, so I was pleasantly surprised even though I only kept one thing.

But their sophomore effort was disappointing. I hope they start learning from my feedback soon, or I’m going to spend most of my gift certificate on the styling fees.


Dave told me to “be the tiger.”


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